Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Eyes


You should have a basic working knowledge of paint shop pro before attempting this tutorial. This tutorial was made using paint shop pro version 9

Tubes Ralf Straaberg-Are You Suffering - Can be purchased from Dreamscape Imaging
          Jasmine Becket-Griffith-118-1 - Can be purchased from Creative Design Outlet

Scrap Kit- Devil's Advocate by CBJ

Mask #102 from new maskes 6-5-11 Brutal Designs

Font MonAmourScriptPro
Lets get started.

1. New image 500 x 500 transparent background

2. Copy CBJ_Devils_AdvocateJournal, paste as new layer, resize 75%

3. Copy CBJ_Devils_AdvocateFlutter, paste as new layer behind the journal, resize 65%
    add drop shadow of choice. I used 2.-2,85,5, red (#780419)

4. Copy CBJ_Devils_AdvocateFoilage2, paste as a new layer on tope of journal, resize 35%, erase excess
    to your liking.

5. Copy CBJ_Devils_AdvocateDust, paste between foilage and journal

6. Copy CBJ_Devils_AdvocateP14; Using the magic wand, select the bottom layer, select all, layer,
    new raster layer, paste into selection.

7. Keeping the above layer selected, layer new raster layer, flood fill white, select none

8. Layer, load mask from disk, select gemsmask 102, invert transparency, merge group

9. Click on top layer

10. Copy tube, paste as new layer- resize to your liking.

11. Add drop shadow of choice to tube. I used 2,-2,85,5, black then another -2,2,85,5,black

12. Resize as needed to your liking.

13. Add your copyright and save in your offers folder.

14. Add font of choice and share.

*Thank you for bearing with me, I am still new with writing tutorials.


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